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Progressive/Celtic Review: Iona-Edge Of The World

This is from Prog Rock Music Talk which you can find here:

“It comes as a refreshing change to review a band that I am very aware of, and that band is the progressive Celtic rock band from the UK, Iona. Beginning back in 1989, the band has not flooded the market with their releases, with only 7 studio albums across their 25+ year existence. The self-titled debut album was issued in 1990 and the latest studio release was the double CD, Another Realm, from 2011, although they have also released 4 live albums, the latest being the one under review, Edge Of The World. (2013)”

You can learn more about this issue here.

I was introduced to the band Iona at NEARFest 2010 where I saw them perform live and purchased one of their albums as I was so impressed by their performance.  Besides playing and making music I really enjoyed, I also liked Iona because they, and their music, are overtly Christian.  As my readers know, I am a huge progressive rock fan and I am a Christian though I do not enjoy much Christian music.  Iona piqued my interest because for one reason or another, unfortunately, it is not often progressive rock crosses paths with Christianity.  So, aside from making great music, Iona also has inspirational lyrics and a spiritually beneficial message.  It is not often I get to listen to great music and, also, derive some spiritual benefit from the lyrics, so Iona holds a special place in my music collection for that reason.  Iona’s brand of progressive rock is to meld rock with Celtic music with a progressive rock ethos.  Anything produced by this band is bound to be quality music and I highly recommend it.

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