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I am James W. Cushing, Esquire and am an Associate at the Law Office of Faye Riva Cohen, P.C., a research attorney for Legal Research Incorporated, and on the board of directors of the Christian Legal Clinics of Philadelphia.  My office address is 2047 Locust Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103, telephone number is 215-563-7776, fax number is 215-563-9996, and email address is jwc@fayerivacohen.com.  Follow me on Twitter here! I have been a practicing attorney, licensed in Pennsylvania (and formerly licensed in New Jersey), since 2002.  Over the course of my career I have published a variety of articles and intend to continue to do so, and am using this blog to catalog my writing.  If I feel so inspired I hope to include some original material here too.  I hope my writing can serve to inform and assist both attorneys and lay people in various and sundry aspects of the law.

In addition to material about the law, I also post about music.  I am an enormous fan of the band Yes, as well as their genre of progressive rock in general, and have been involved with the progressive rock community for a very long time.  So, as a result, I post about bands, concerts, reviews, and the like from time to time.  I also manage and am the man behind the largest channel dedicated to Yes on Youtube: YesSource.

Furthermore, I have recently taken to writing about religion.  I am a Christian and, as such, a member of St. John’s Anglican Church (which is a part of the Anglican Church of North America), serve as chancellor of the Anglican Diocese of Chris Our Hope, and am an oblate of Order of Saint Andrew.  On a weekly basis with my family, I attend Liberti Church, North East.  Finally, I am a volunteer and occasional board member of the Christian Legal Clinics of Philadelphia.

In addition, when I have time, I like to share my reviews of movies, books, music, and simply sharing my thoughts on matters other than the law on occasion.  Finally, I have become more and more impressed and convinced by distributism, which is an economic system separate and distinct from capitalism and socialism, and will be posting on that from time to time. I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I enjoy writing it!

Virtute et Numine

Please note that nothing on this blog should be construed as legal advice; every case is unique and the appropriate action for it must be individually considered.  A lawyer/client relationship is not established unless you execute a fee agreement with one of my offices. All material is copyrighted, (c) 2020 James W. Cushing. All rights reserved. Re-print permission available upon request; any reproduction of this material is forbidden without my express permission.

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  1. Calvin Haas on said:

    Re: Yesday. If you live in Philly area, there’s a shop in Glenside that transfers VHS to disc. Hibbert’s.


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