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Virtute et Numine

Virtute et Numine is my Cushing family motto.  It is translated from Latin to English as “by valour and divine aid” although I have seen the quick and dirty translation, likely because it sounds punchy and cool for the purposes of school spirit, of “grit and grace” (see here).

A good thumbnail history of the Cushings can be found here, here, and here and a list of some famous Cushings can be found here.

I have recently learned of some ancestry in New England, which has resulted in the establishment of the Cushing Homestead, Cushing House Museum and Garden, Cushing Academy, and the Cushing House.  Perhaps most importantly, I have recently learned that I am likely descended from John Alden, a passenger on the famed Mayflower.  I also found an interesting Cushing genealogy here.


4 thoughts on “Virtute et Numine

  1. Merlena Cushing on said:

    My husband, Gerald W. Cushing, is apparently related to you – albeit perhaps distantly. I was intrigued by your posts at Anglican Forum: For Those Walking the Canterbury Trail that one of our priests showed me today. We own a HUGE Cushing family ancestry book, but our family isn’t listed in that older one. It is in an updated version however.

    Gary and I went to Hingham England many years ago to walk along the hedgerows of the ancestral properties. I spent most of that time in the church where his family worshiped. A large picture of Abraham Lincoln was on the wall, so he must have some relationship to the town/church, as well.

    Dr. Wm DeArteaga very graciously autographed and sent me his latest book so I could give it to our retired priest who turns 90 this year. I very much appreciate his posts at Anglican Forum.

    I was a delegate to the Diocese of the Great Lakes Synod at the end of April in Copley OH. You may be aware that we consecrated a new Bishop. I am humbled that I was chosen by a priest in our diocese to be co-presenter with him of the Oil of Chrism. What a Holy Spirit filled event it was. I am still trying to absorb all that happened.

    Your Sister in Christ, Merlena Cushing, Manistee MI


  2. The church in Hingham had a bronze bust of Abraham Lincoln, in an alcove. Cushing Academy was in Ashburnham MA.. The family had annual gatherings from many years and at least until the end of WWII, in Ashburnham. Bruce Kennedy bek9@cornell.edu . My mother was Elizabeth Alden Tucker daughter of Alice who was a singer, active as music director of three church choruses.


  3. Carly Cushing on said:

    I have the Cushing genealogy, the one you posted in the link an account of the ancestors and descendants of Matthew Cushing, who came to America in 1638, in an original print (1905 edition)! I also have an embroidery (made by my mother) of the Cushing crest framed! I suppose we are at least distantly related. My grandfather ( passed 12 years before I was born and my Uncle and I are the only ones left from this line. Feel free to contact me if you want to chat ancestry!


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