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Dean v. Cameron: Dean Decides to Leave It

This is what would seem to be my final update regarding the legal matter between Yes cover artist Roger Dean against filmmaker James Cameron regarding the alleged misappropriated use Dean’s artwork in Cameron’s movie Avatar.  You can see all of my posts on this subject here, the court filings on this matter here, a series of side-by-side photographs of Dean’s artwork and the movie here, the final Court judgment here, and a great podcast explaining the Court’s legal decision here.

Well, as I reported on September 19, 2014, the Court, unfortunately for Roger Dean and his fans, ruled against him and in favor of James Cameron ruling, in essence, that Cameron did not misappropriate Dean’s images in the movie Avatar.  Dean had the opportunity to appeal the Court’s decision within a specific time as laid out by the Rules of Civil Procedure.  I looked at the Court docket this morning to check on the status of the case and whether Dean took an appeal of the adverse ruling noted above.  As it turns out, on September 30, 2014, a Stipulation and Order was filed wherein Dean waived his right to an appeal and pursuit of any damages or claims against Cameron regarding the issues raised in his complaint against Cameron and/or the movie Avatar in exchange for Cameron not pursuing repayment of his attorneys’ fees from Dean.  This Stipulation and Order serves to conclude the case in its entirety.  The case of Dean v. Cameron is officially over.

You can read the Stipulation and Order here:  dean stipulation and order.10-20-14

In case you are not a Yes fan or do not like puns, the title of this post refers to Yes’ hit song “Leave It.”

ERLC: Town’s sign code violates church freedom

This is from anglicansablaze.blogspot.com which you can find here.

The excerpt of the Anglicans Ablaze post is as follows: “The Southern Baptist Convention’s religious freedom entity has called for the U.S. Supreme Court to strike down a municipal sign ordinance it says violates a church’s free speech and assembly rights.

The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) joined in a friend-of-the-court brief filed Sept. 22 that contends the sign code of Gilbert, Ariz., discriminates against churches while favoring political and ideological messages. The brief, filed by the Christian Legal Society (CLS), asserts the code is based on a sign’s content and therefore abridges the First Amendment’s free speech clause.

The high court will hear oral arguments in the case, Reed v. Town of Gilbert, in January or thereafter. It is expected to announce an opinion in the significant church-state case before it adjourns early in the summer of 2015.”

You can learn more about this issue here.



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