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Shaken not Smoked

The issue of whether marijuana should be legalized is a hot topic spreading across the United States.  I have seen the arguments in favor of it and against it, but I am not sure how I fall on the issue yet.

Recently my former parish priest, Fr. Hastings from my old church St. Anne’s in Abington, PA, sent me an article by Stephen H. Webb from First Things, a Christian publication, on this issue.  It is worth reading and considering as it provides an interesting view of this issue.

You can find the article here on the First Things website.  It begins as follows:  “Marijuana is becoming more socially acceptable and legally available. It would seem that a majority of Americans are in favor of decriminalizing the recreational use of pot, and the Department of Justice has advised federal prosecutors that possession of a small amount of it is not an “enforcement priority.” Those of us not opposed to a stiff drink will have to ask ourselves some hard questions. Why condemn joints when we’re okay with single malt scotch? Should the Church step in where parents and politicians are pulling out?

Once limited to the black market, cannabis now has the seal of medical approval in many states. It’s come over the pharmaceutical counter and is poised to take a leap onto the supermarket shelves. At that point, consumerism will kick in and drive morality out. After all, in an age of taurine supplements, memory enhancers, wheatgrass juice, personal cappuccino machines, and colonic irrigations, most Americans find it hard to pass judgment on how others use their purchasing power to manage their stress. When peace of mind becomes a pleasure cheaply bought, the moral high ground is hard to find.”

You can find the rest of the article here: Shaken Not Smoked






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