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‘Kids Are Resilient’ and 7 Other Lies Divorcing Parents Should Stop Believing

Every now and again Yahoo posts an article that I find really good.  As it turns out they posted one this week entitled “‘Kids are Resilient and 7 Other Lies Divorcing Parents Should Stop Believing” which they reposted from www.yourtango.com.

As a family (e.g.: divorce and custody) lawyer I found this piece confirmatory of the things I have seen in my practice over the years and, indeed, have heard each of these “seven lies” countless times over those years.  Of course, I approach these issues from a Christian perspective as well and, unsurprisingly, all of these “lies” run contrary to Christian teaching as well.  Indeed, it is refreshing to see what appears to be an entirely secular article, written without any apparent religious overtones, totally confirm what Christians have been saying for centuries.  Maybe secular science and sociology and other such fields will finally catch up to the Church after all?

Here is an excerpt from the article which you can find here:
“As a former divorce mediator, and current couples and family mediator, I have heard every excuse that parents use to feel better about breaking up their family. In this article, I’ve outlined several of the most common lies that you might be telling yourself if you’re considering divorce. Before you believe them, or give up on your marriage, you might want to check out my Marriage SOS book series and do some serious soul-searching.”

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