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Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and the death penalty

This is from thinkchristian.reframemedia.com/ which you can find here:

“As a family member of a murder victim and long-time opponent of the death penalty, I’m watching with great interest the sentencing phase of Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s trial, which will determine whether he receives the death penalty.

One could argue that Tsarnaev’s case is not like others. There is no question that he committed the crime, a horrible act of terrorism. The toll of the dead and wounded is staggering. And, as evidenced by the photograph prosecutors shared of Tsarnaev giving an obscene gesture to a security camera while in custody, he has been defiant, not repentant.

It is tempting to say that Tsarnaev is sub-human and unredeemable. Yet I would urge Christians to reject that idea. Despite his horrible acts, Tsarnaev was created in the image of God and is loved by God. Who are we to say that there is no possibility for forgiveness, reconciliation and redemption in the case of any criminal? Only God can say this. But the death penalty cuts off the possibility of these outcomes, which Christ always wants us to work toward.

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Arrow and The Flash: superheroes from the garden of good and evil

This is from thinkchristian.reframemedia.com/ which you can find here:

“Any self-respecting episode of The Flash or Arrow centers on The Big Fight. It’s what superheroes are all about, verified by comic-book covers throughout history: Spider-Man vs. Doctor Octopus! The Avengers vs. Galactus! Superman vs. Hitler! This clash-of-titans obsession is, for many sophisticated readers, what kept comics relegated to the category of juvenilia for so long. If the only thing you can think to do with your larger-than-life hero is to imagine a larger-than-life villain for him to fight, one might suspect you haven’t progressed beyond crashing your toys together in the sandbox.”

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Jack Kirby v Marvel – the Comics Lawsuit Has Settled

Jack Kirby is one of the greatest comic book illustrators and innovators of all time.  Though arguably his most influential work was co-creating Captain America in the 1940s and working with Stan Lee in the 1960s when Marvel Comics reinvented itself in the so-called “Silver Age,” introducing characters like the Hulk, Thor, the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, and so on, he also worked with DC Comics (most significantly creating the Fourth World characters and concepts) and others.

Jack Kirby died in 1994 but his heirs have taken to the Court against Marvel to protect what they think are their property rights over Kirby’s creations which, now with the advent of extremely popular superhero movies, especially since 2000, have become extremely valuable.  This matter was slowly but surely climbing the judicial ladder to the United States Supreme Court however a last minute settlement deal, practically on the steps of the Court, resolved the dispute between Marvel Comics and the Kirby family.

This matter has been litigated for a number of years and involves some fairly complex intellectual property law.  You can learn more about this matter here, here, here, and here.

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