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Cassette recordings for Roger Hargreaves’ Mr. Men and Little Miss Books

I decided to put something light-hearted up here to contrast with all the doom and gloom in the news.  When I was very young I really enjoyed the Mr. Men and Little Miss books by children’s author Roger Hargreaves.  These books each feature a character that is bright in color and in some vaguely geometric shape (i.e.: an oval or rectangle) and wears some sort of hat who has to overcome, or has to deal with, his or her primary character trait after which they are named.  So, for example, Mr. Tickle – a circular orange character with long arms and blue bowler hat – is about giving insight into how he is a tickle.  Mr. Chatterbox – a purple sort of blunt cone shape character in a blue bowler hat – has to overcome his overwhelming gift of gab.  Each story follows a similar pattern.  First, the character is introduced, then two or three examples of his idiosyncrasies based on his name are shown followed by showing how he resolves them or how he deals with them, and, finally, third, it ends with a quip of some sort.

By the early to mid 1980s the publisher – as was the trend back then – released some of the books on cassette.  I really enjoyed these recordings as a kid as the readers are funny and emotive.  After scouring Youtube many times – and finding many other recordings and videos of these books – I have never once found the cassette recordings.  So, during some down time while the corona virus pandemic was going on, I decided to right this wrong and uploaded the cassette recordings with photos of the corresponding books to my Youtube channel.  The links to each video is below.  Enjoy and have fun!

Mr. Men Books:

Little Miss Books:


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