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Flight Attendants Sue American Airlines Claiming They Were Called ‘Sows’ and Prostitutes

The Melissa Chinery and Laura Medlin cases against American Airlines, cases currently being litigated by my firm, the Law Office of Faye Riva Cohen, P.C., have been featured in an article entitled “Flight Attendants Sue American Airlines Claiming They Were Called ‘Sows’ and Prostitutes,” on CBS8 San Diego b and published on March 14, 2017, which can be found here.


Two flight attendants are suing American Airlines, claiming they were called “sows” — and worse — by male colleagues on Facebook and other social media sites.

The federal lawsuits were filed in Pennsylvania and allege the airline failed to enforce its policies barring online slurs and insults by employees, including on private accounts.

The women claim the bullying and harassment occurred on Facebook and online accounts where thousands of airline workers talk to each other.

American Airlines has denied the allegations.

The plaintiffs are seeking unspecified monetary damages.

One flight attendant, Laura Medlin, said the bullying began after she resigned from a union position. A group of male employees began calling her names including “sow,” she said.

The other, Melissa Chinery, said she was harassed after announcing she was running for a union slot. Male flight attendants posted online comments calling her a “flipper,” a synonym for prostitute, as well as “c***,” her lawsuit claims.

Both allege they reported their abuse to the airline’s human resources division, but that no action was taken.


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