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Chris Squire: a Few Words

Two years ago today the world lost a giant in music, Yes lost their founder and most loyal and steadfast member, and I, as a fan(atic), lost someone who has brought me incalculable joy in music. When he was diagnosed with cancer, I wrote this piece. At the time I thought he would recover, but within a matter of weeks, he was gone, which is something no one could have foreseen. The band has been struggling to recover, find its identity, and discern its future ever since. Since Squire’s passing, and perhaps due to it, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has finally recognized Yes, but that is small consolation.

I have written about the effect of Squire’s loss on Yes (see here), and also the emergence of a Anderson/Rabin/Wakeman (a rival Yes band) within about a year of Squire’s passing and inspired by the same (see here).


Chris Squire.  Many younger people today may not know the name.  That is rather unfortunate.  For those a little older, Squire may just be known as the bass player of the progressive rockbandYes.  For still others, and me included, Squire is someone who took a musical instrument, namely the bass guitar, and turned into something new and is now, whether one knows it or not, will always be an influence on bass guitar playing forever.

Prior to founding Yes, Squire was also a member of the bands that preceded Yes, namely The Syn, which became Mabel Greer’s Toyshop, which eventually became Yes.  While fans have debates on what makes up the core of Yes, most especially some saying vocalist/songwriter/percussionistJon Anderson‘s voice, vision, and song writing, there can be no doubt that Squire, his bass style, his song writing…

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