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Easter Traditions are Not Pagan

The idea that typical Easter traditions – like bunnies, eggs, and even its name – all somehow derive from paganism is so common that it has become almost a truism.  The pagan source is either described as something the Christian Church coopted and Christianized or merely as something that has survived as a historical or cultural accident despite the influence of the Church in Western Civilization.

As it turns out, the assumption that Easter traditions are just pagan holdovers may, indeed, not be based on reality or historical facts but, rather, on unquestioned presumptions – a “conventional wisdom” if you will – based merely on the similarity between the traditions.

It appears, for one reason or another, scholars have recently taken another look at the origin of Easter traditions, and their findings have revealed that the conventional wisdom about their origin appears to be mistaken.

As an aside, a similar phenomenon has occurred regarding popular Christmas traditions, and it appears that the “conventional wisdom” that Christmas traditions are pagan is also being questioned and reevaluated (more on that here).

To this end, regarding Easter traditions, I highly suggest watching this video:

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