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Story of Our Blessings: St. John’s Anglican Church, Churchville, PA

I am a longtime member of St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church.  My church has gone through a lot of transitions.  We left the Episcopal Church in faith back in 2000 and, since then, have been renting space in other churches and searching for a path and a home.  We joined the Anglican Church in North America and, after a nearly seventeen year sojourn, will finally have a permanent home on 1150 Bristol Road, Churchville, PA.

We are in the process of moving to this new building and renovating it so it can be an effective tool of ministry, worship, and evangelization.  If you feel called, we encourage you to support our efforts either through time or treasure.  Our costs are significant, but not insurmountable (especially with God’s help), so anything you can provide would be greatly appreciated.  I will be posting here from time to time to offer updates on our progress.

Here is a glimpse into the background of our story.  Please pray for us and our ministry:


HIS Story: (Who we are)
St John’s has undergone many drastic and sometimes painful changes as we have followed God’s plan for our church. We have been far from perfect but we have been faithful to the One who bought us with a price we could not pay.
Change is difficult and can only be seen clearly by looking back to move forward. God’s promise was with us in the past, is with us now, and have no fear, will be with us in the future if we continue to be faithful.

First Chapters:
Since 1970 – four (4) rectors, three (3) locations and an unwavering focus on Jesus as our Lord and Savior, Biblical truth, Biblical preaching and teaching, sacramental worship and love for the church family.
We have witnessed God growing us as his people with every new rector in each place of worship as our essentials remain unchanged.

Rev. Paul Lingle (Initial Planting)
-REC trained
-Low church
-Social church split between old wealth and young social climbers
-Solid Biblical preaching from the rector, Phillip Hughes and Ray Baker Sr.

Rev. Jim Hampson (Growth and Renewal)
-Converted liberal theologian
-Period of spiritual and physical growth
-Love of social became love of Christ
-Low church
-Fellowship groups and Bible studies, Christian daycare, youth group
-Issues with the Episcopal Bishop began

Rev. Phil Lyman (Leaving to follow Christ)
-Built on existing programs
-Move toward orthodoxy
-Dominated by getting congregation to safe pastures
-Closely walking with the Lord
-Left all for the sake of the Gospel

Rev. Mark Rudolph (Transition and new Godly promise)
-“Pruning” has taken place
-Congregation’s character strengthened
-Formalized St. Johns vision

New Chapter:
-Generous gift of 1150 Bristol Road, Churchville, PA made February, 2016
-Our permanent home’s location
-Renovation plans reflecting core essentials of our respectful, Anglican, liturgical traditional worship
-Positive add-ons welcoming families and fellowship

Future Blessings: What’s Our Next Chapter?
-Open your heart
-Prayerfully consider giving of your time, talents, and treasures
-Engage in fellowship activities
-Legacy for the next generation
-Become a participant in St. Johns’ future

St. John’s future story: How does the Lord want to bless through you?


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