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Yessource Youtube Channel Roundup

Here is another addition to my series of Yes music posts.  A collection of all my Yes posts can be found here.

Over my 25 plus years of Yes fandom I have accumulated hours and hours of Yes and Yes related rarities (I think I am at about nearly 90 gigs at this point!).  These rarities include many live performances, studio outtakes, and interviews, the vast majority of which have never been officially released and likely will never be officially released.  One of my goals is to acquire a recording of every song Yes has ever played live from every tour.

At this point, after so many years of benefiting from the generosity of my fellow Yes fans, I think it is time for me to give back.  To that end, I have started the YesSource youtube.com channel.  You can find YesSource here.  It is my intention to upload something to the channel on a very regularly basis from my person collection of Yesoteria.  I hope you all enjoy what I put up.

As the vast majority of the uploads I will make to this channel will be audio, the visuals will be very very modest.  I apologize to the people who are big fans of fancy graphics and visuals.

I will maintain this “Roundup” post to aggregate the links to all of my posts to Yessource, and I will update this post each time I update.  Those links are as follows:

Yes Live shows links:

Yes Studio Sessions:

Yes Singles, Edits, and Remixes:

Yes Rehearsals:

Yes Albums:

Video Collections:

Yes Outside of Yes Collections:

Other Collections:

Complete list of all youtube videos in chronological order:


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