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Billboard Magazine: Yes’ 35th Anniversary Special Edition

Here is another addition to my series of Yes music posts.  I started this series here and I have collected all of my Yes posts here.

In 2003, to celebrate Yes’ 35th Anniversary and accompanying tour for the same (see here), Billboard magazine issued a special edition focusing on Yes and its history.  I am not sure how many people were able to obtain a copy, much less keep one, so I have posted photographs of the pages from the magazine below for my readers to view.

As I am, obviously, an enormous fan of Yes, I managed to get my name into the pages of this edition of Billboard, which I have highlighted below.


20160110_134219 20160110_134228 20160110_134237 20160110_134244 20160110_134256 20160110_134319 20160110_13432820160110_13432920160110_13434720160110_13435420160110_13440320160110_13440920160110_13441520160110_13442020160110_13443320160110_13443820160110_13444720160110_13445620160110_13450320160110_13450920160110_13451520160110_13452820160110_13454820160110_13460620160110_13461220160110_13461920160110_13462520160110_13463720160110_13464220160110_13464820160110_13465420160110_13470120160110_13471720160110_13472420160110_13472820160110_13473120160110_134738

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3 thoughts on “Billboard Magazine: Yes’ 35th Anniversary Special Edition

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  2. Paul Doerwang on said:

    You and Doug Curran, back to back. NICE!


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