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The Yes Years Booklet

Here is another addition to my series of Yes music posts.  I started this series here and you can read the others here.

In 1991 the progressive rock band Yes released a four disc box set called YesYearsYesYears has since gone out of print and “deleted” from their catalog with the release of their five disc box set called In a Word: Yes (1969 – )The YesYears release included in it an extensive booklet detailing the history of Yes through to 1991 with a lot of really nice photographs.  This box set, not to mention the booklet within it, has, as a result of YesYears going out of print, become quite rare, so I thought my Yes fan compatriots would appreciate me posting all of the pages from that booklet here.  I had the front cover autographed by Roger Dean (Yes’ cover artist) at NEARFest. Enjoy!


20160127_214537 20160127_214601 20160127_214618 20160127_214624 20160127_214636 20160127_214644 20160127_214658  20160127_214706 20160127_214718 20160127_214724 20160127_214738 20160127_214747 20160127_214804 20160127_214813 20160127_214829 20160127_214841 20160127_214851 20160127_214917 20160127_214936 20160127_214946 20160127_215001 20160127_215013 20160127_215023 20160127_215032 20160127_215043 20160127_215052 20160127_215105 20160127_215113 20160127_215124 20160127_215141 20160127_215150 20160127_215157 20160127_215213 20160127_215225 20160127_215232

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3 thoughts on “The Yes Years Booklet

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  3. penguinpc on said:

    Thanks for posting this. I picked up just the CDs last week for $2. Would like the booklet, but not a big deal. Think I’m going to get the “In A Word” box.


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