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Chicago Puts the Breaks on Red Light Cameras

As my readers know, I have written extensively on traffic cameras, and the links to those pieces are listed below.  Traffic cameras come in at least two forms: red light cameras and speeding cameras.

So far, speeding cameras seem to be a relatively positive development in traffic control, and I, of course, will be keeping an eye on that issue.  Red light cameras, by contrast, are a much bigger issue.  I have been very vocal in my opposition to red light cameras on practical, legal, and, indeed, constitutional grounds.  I have summarized those grounds in the links below, especially the articles.

It now seems Chicago is the latest battleground for red light cameras and, as it seems to be the trend across the country, the red light camera program is losing ground there too.  Evidently Chicago is being sued for its alleged denial of due process to motorists who were allegedly caught by the red light camera program.  The Court hearing this matter has voided all of the red light camera tickets, which means Chicago is potentially on the hook to refund hundreds of millions of dollars to motorists.  Now, due to this ruling (which will likely be appealed), a class action law suit regarding these red light tickets is now in the cards.

You can learn more about the Chicago case here.

So, it seems that the tide is certainly turning and is now decidedly moving against the red light program, and this latest ruling, described above, is the next step in that process.  I like to think that my initial opposition to this program several years ago as published in Upon Further Review (see here) helped begin to turn the tide, but, regardless, I am happy to see this latest development.  The red light program is simply bad policy and the sooner it ends the better.


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