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Musical Box Tour Book: 2004 The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway Tour

As my readers know, I am an enormous progressive rock fan.  Now, as all my readers also know, Yes is, by far, my favorite band (you can read more of my writing about Yes here), but my second favorite vacillates, depending on the day, between Genesis and King Crimson.

To that end, I have seen the absolutely amazing Genesis recreation band The Musical Box several times and every time I am completely blown away as to how precise they are in transporting their fans back to the days of classic Genesis.  I have written extensively about their shows and what they do here and posted other tour books and such from their shows here.

I saw them on December 17, 2004 at the Keswick Theater in Glenside, PA.  They were playing the The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway Tour.

The band put together and sold a tour book from this tour and I have taken photographs of each page and posted them below.  Enjoy!

20160126_222256 20160126_222305 20160126_222312 20160126_222321 20160126_222340 20160126_222421 20160126_222432 20160126_222446 20160126_222458 20160126_222529 20160126_222545 20160126_222551

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