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2016: The year of doing something

Here is the latest post by Angela and Daz Croucher to their blog A.D. Croucher! They are up-and-coming young adult authors. Check them out!

A.D. Croucher


Most New Year’s resolutions are about what you are not going to do: what you’re not going to eat or drink, who you’re not going to let upset you, how you’re not going to sit in front of the TV all night (thanks a lot, Netflix!).

In our eyes, starting the year with a negative isn’t the best way to embrace all the potential that 2016 could bring. So we humbly suggest resolving to DO something… to create something in 2016.

How many times have you listened to a song, watched a movie, read a book, looked at a painting or craft and thought, I could do that? Or at least… I want to do that. Well… stop thinking it and start doing it. Make 2016 all about making something.

You’ve got an idea for a novel that you constantly daydream about? Start taking notes. Write a story based on…

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