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NEARFest Tickets: 2000 through 2012

This post is in my series regarding the North East Art Rock Festival (NEARFest), more about which you can find here and here.  You can find all of my posts regarding NEARFest here and I started the series here.

The Festival was first held in 1999 and the final one was held in 2012.  I had the great opportunity to attend all of the Festivals except for the first one.  I also bought tickets to NEARFest 2011 which was eventually, and unfortunately, cancelled.

I thought it would be fun to catalog my NEARFest tickets here on this blog.  I am admittedly someone who is a pack rat and, because I have OCPD tendencies, I like to think I am a very good, orderly, neat, and complete pack rat!  As a result, I have kept all of my NEARFest tickets.  I took photographs of them and have posted them below.  I hope to post my tickets to other shows soon.



NEARFest 2000


NEARFest 2001


NEARFest 2002


NEARFest 2003


NEARFest 2004


NEARFest 2005


NEARFest 2006


NEARFest 2007


NEARFest 2008


NEARFest 2009


NEARFest 2010


NEARFest 2011 (cancelled)


NEARFest 2012

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