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Winning the Comcast/NBCUniversal TV Prime Time Award

Here is the latest post by Angela and Daz Croucher to their blog A.D. Croucher! They are up-and-coming young adult authors. Check them out!

A.D. Croucher

Writing can be a lonely process, even when you’re writing as a team.

For the majority of the time, you write with absolutely no knowledge at all of whether people will ever respond to your writing. You’re writing in the dark. That’s the job; we signed up for it, it’s part of the crazy wonderful life of being a writer. That said, it’s always nice when, every now and then, someone shines a light on the writing that you’re doing. We look up, blinking, slightly taken aback that someone likes what we’re doing. It’s a funny life — you have to believe in what you’re doing 100% with ironclad certitude — you couldn’t possibly make it through the rejections and knockbacks if you didn’t — and yet when someone actually says, this is good, there’s always that feeling of surprise. Like… really? Us?


So, when our TV pilot script USE…

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