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Speeding Cameras Slowing Traffic Down

Traffic light cameras are in the news once again.  My opposition to red light cameras is well documented, as you can see from the links to my articles and blog posts on the subject listed below.

In addition to red light cameras, many municipalities are now installing cameras which can, somehow, record the speed of cars passing it, take their photograph if they are speeding, and issue speeding tickets accordingly.  Now, I am not sure how these cameras work in each jurisdiction where they are found, but if it is anything like how Pennsylvania’s red light cameras work, where the owner of a vehicle is cited and not the driver, and the driver bears the burden to prove his innocence, then I think the same Constitutional issues that are found with red light cameras are present with speed cameras as well (see my two articles below for a description of the legal issues).

Now, I have written briefly on speeding cameras before (see the blog post blow regarding ABC News) and have relayed how much they have been abused by various municipalities.  Despite that, apparently a recent study (see here) out of Montgomery County, Maryland reveals, at least for that county, that the speeding cameras (not the red light cameras) have actually served to save lives, reduce injuries, and possibly reduce the frequency of car accidents.  Presumably these positive consequences are due to the drivers, fearful of being ticketed, actually driving slower.

So, at least for the speeding cameras in Montgomery County, Maryland, they seem to have had positive effects.  The same cannot be said for red light cameras, which have, on the whole, had adverse effects as described in my blog posts linked below.


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