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Getting Closer to the White Whale

As a family lawyer, one of the things I encounter on a regular basis are the consequences of sex (well, to my mind, not just sex, but sexual misconduct).  As a Christian family lawyer, one of the things I hope to try and work against is the not just the consequences of sexual misconduct, but sexual misconduct itself.  It seems more effective to work against the cause and not just the symptoms.  One of my friends calls my focus on this subject, and constant lament about it, to be my so-called white whale.  He may be right, but I do not see that as a deterrent, or at least not yet (of course, neither did Captain Ahab so that may not put me in good company).  I still hold out hope and some of the material I have seen published of late has helped my hope burn a little brighter.

I focus on sexual misconduct so closely because it lays the foundation, at least in part, for virtually every social ill of which one can think.  A successful battle against sexual misconduct is to attack an entire panoply of social ills all at once.  Which social ills does sexual misconduct so often play a part?  Poverty? Check.  Substance abuse?  Check.  Children born out of wedlock?  Check.  Teen age pregnancy?  Check.  Abortion?  Check.  Dropping out of high school?  Check.  A greater odds to commit a crime?  Check.  Various diseases?  Check.  Fatherlessness?  Check.  Single parent homes?  Check.  Divorce?   Check.  Non-marital cohabitation?  Check.  I am sure there are others and this does not even include the more dramatic and traumatizing issues of sexual molestation, assault, and rape.  Obviously all of the above carries with it various adverse emotional and psychological effects.

It probably goes without saying (or at least it should) that sexual misconduct is any sexual activity outside a consensual monogamous heterosexual marital relationship.  The problem, of course, is that since the sexual revolution in the 1960s, all of this has been overturned and what was once considered sexual misconduct for centuries suddenly became normalized, accepted, and, indeed, even occasionally and perversely trumpeted as a moral, personal, and/or societal good.

I have always felt an affinity for the “liberal” segment of the American political landscape’s focus on a proactive approach to relieving the various social ills identified above (and others).  Yet its paradoxical and simultaneous support for the sexual revolution, and the sexual misconduct that the revolution championed which has, in large part, caused so many of those same social ills, has frustrated me for many years.

Recently, however, and seemingly out of nowhere, I came across a series of articles expressing the very frustration mentioned above that I have been experiencing for so long.  I am happy to say that the articles were not solely from “conservative” and/or Christian sources.  It seems, now that we have fifty-years or so of hindsight to assess the ravages to our society the sexual revolution has wrought, we can finally fully appreciate how huge of a mistake it was to embrace it.  Perhaps now, at long last, we can not only treat the symptoms (the social ills) but one of the primary causes of those social ills (sexual misconduct).  It will not be easy.  It will not happen over night.  I realize that, but, in these articles all appearing in close proximity to one another, I do finally see some light at the end of the tunnel, and that gives me hope that, perhaps one day, I will finally get my white whale.

Here are the articles I refer to above:

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