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Ken Kastle is a parishioner with me at our church St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church in Abington, PA. He writes a blog called “Looking at Things Through My Eyes.” Mr. Kastle has had a long career in education and often views his politics as I do, so I often find his blog posts compelling. Below is one of the posts to his blog, enjoy!

Looking At Things Thru My Eyes

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has not made a formal announcement that he is Republican candidate for president in the 2016 election, but he sure is acting like one. As such, he has joined an unprecedented number of Republicans who are either announced candidates or are seriously thinking about it.

The current numbers break down as follows: formally announced (5), announcement pending (2), exploring (11), and have expressed an interest (5).

Much has been written over the decades regarding what drives a man or woman to seek the presidency of the United States. There seems to be at least one common thread among those who aspire, and that is an incredible over supply of ego that acts to exaggerate his/her qualifications for the job and override any and all reasons they are not qualified.

Christie is an excellent case study to demonstrate this point.

Christie is in the last half…

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