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It’s Time for a Revolution III

Ken Kastle is a parishioner with me at our church St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church in Abington, PA. He writes a blog called “Looking at Things Through My Eyes.” Mr. Kastle has had a long career in education and often views his politics as I do, so I often find his blog posts compelling. Below is one of the posts to his blog, enjoy!

Looking At Things Thru My Eyes

Bleacher Report today features a story about a school district in Texas that spent $60 million to build a stadium for its football team.


As a side note, cracks in the concrete have forced the district to shut the stadium for repairs, but that is not the point.

How many teacher positions would $60 million add to the Texas’ schools?

How many Texas school system deficits could be erased with $60 million?

Would you agree that spending this amount of money on a high school football stadium falls into the category of SINFUL?

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