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Yesshows: Line Up Stats

[Update on October 1, 2017.  You can see a catalog of my Yes posts here.]

I have developed some statistics regarding the Yes concerts I have seen (see here), specifically regarding the songs I have heard by album (here) and by number (here).  As any Yes fan knows, Yes is known for it’s shifting line up.  As a result, due to the number of Yes shows I have seen, I thought it would be fun to run some numbers on what Yes line ups I have seen over the years.

To see precise information on the shows I have seen (which are mentioned below) you can do so here; all of the numbers below are derived from that post and not repeated herein.  I guess the easiest place to begin is to simply list the Yes musicians I have seen (with the years I have seen them in parenthesis) categorized by instrument:

What line ups have the above been formed into and when?

  • Squire/White/Anderson/Rabin/Kaye/ plus Sherwood: 1 time (1994)
  • Squire/White/Anderson/Howe/Khoroshev/Sherwood: 3 times (1997, 1998, 1999)
  • Squire/White/Anderson/Howe/Khoroshev: 1 time (2000)
  • Squire/White/Anderson/Howe, plus Brislin and Orchestra: 1 time (2001)
  • Squire/White/Anderson/Howe/R. Wakeman: 4 times (2002 (2), 2004 (2))
  • Squire/White/David/Howe/O. Wakeman: 5 times (2008, 2009, 2010 (2), 2011 (1st))
  • Squire/White/David/Howe/Downes: 1 time (2011 (2nd))
  • Squire/White/Davison/Howe/Downes: 4 times (2012, 2013 (2), 2014)
  • Sherwood/White/Davison/Howe/Downes: 1 time (2015)
  • Sherwood/Davison/Howe/Downes/Schellen: 1 time (2016 (1st one))
  • Pomeroy/Molino/Anderson/Rabin/Wakeman 2 times (2016 (2nd one), 2017 (2nd one))
  • Sherwood/Davison/Howe/Downes/White/D. Howe (2017 (1st one))

So, based on the above, I have seen 12 different Yes line ups thus far.

What Yes line ups have you seen?


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7 thoughts on “Yesshows: Line Up Stats

  1. Ray Riethmeier on said:

    I’ve seen all of those, plus UNION and ABWH, and the unique Downes/Howe/Rabin/Squire/White line-up from 2004’s “Produced by Trevor Horn” concert.


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