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Yes Songs and Albums: What All Have You Heard? – Part 2

[Updated on August 6, 2018]

(A compilation of all my Yes posts can be found here.)

I recently posted an extensive list of all of the songs I have see Yes play live organized by album and you can see that post here; the instant post is a companion to my aforesaid previous post.  I know this stuff is really nerdy and perhaps reflects my “OCD tendencies,” but I like the visual presentation of what I have seen.  It makes me appreciate the things that were rarely played more and identify trends in the band’s sets.

Very obviously, I never have to hear Roundabout live ever again as it has been played at every Yes concert I have ever attended.  I knew I heard some other songs more than others, like And You And I, but I did not realize just now often I have heard them until I made this list.

This post is consistent with the last post on this subject, and from the data it is abundantly clear that Yes has mainly relied on their 1970’s output for their set lists over the last twenty years, especially The Yes Album, Fragile, and Close to the Edge.  Of course, those are the “big three” in Yes’ discography so it is not a surprise that their sets favor those albums, but some more variety would be welcome.  Newer material since the 1990s tends to be played live only for the tour of the album on which it appears or, sometimes and sadly, not at all.

As Yes considers future set lists, I hope they focus on the material from after the 1970s (or even the 1960s), and that includes, surprisingly enough for me, material from the 1980s, though I do not hold out much hope for much Trevor Rabin-era music beyond what has been played of late (10/27/16 edit: the rise of ARW and their tour (see here) has made me hopeful of seeing more Rabin era material).

Rumor has it that Yes are going to continue their album oriented tours (as they did in 2013 and 2014).  The albums being considered for future album oriented tours include Relayer, Drama, Heaven & Earth, and, shockingly, 90125 (this is mainly favored by promoters for obvious reasons, though Geoff Downes and Jon Davison have expressed interested in doing this).   A show with a combination of songs from all of those albums would be a welcome change and exciting for me because, as you can see below and on my previous post, I have not heard most of the material from these albums.  I suspect, considering the line-up that Yes has had for the last couple of years, Drama and Heaven & Earth are most likely to get played, which is fine by me!  Here’s to hoping!

In this post, the Yes songs I have seen live are organized by the frequency I have heard them.  If you remember the songs you have heard played live by Yes, please describe your experience in the comments! Here you go:

Songs Heard Twenty-Six Times:

Songs Heard Twenty-One Times:

Songs Heard Twenty Times:

Songs Heard Sixteen Times:

Songs Heard Fourteen Times:

Songs Heard Thirteen Times:

Songs Heard Twelve Times:

Songs Heard Ten Times:

Songs Heard Nine Times:

Songs Heard Eight Times:

Songs Heard Seven Times:

Songs Heard Six Times:

Songs Heard Five Times:

Songs Heard Four Times:

Songs Heard Three Times:

Songs Heard Two Times:

Songs Heard One Time:

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