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Yestival 1998 Follow Up

I recently wrote about my experience at Yestival 1998 and shared some anecdotes and photographs from the event.  You can read my Yestival post here and all of my Yes posts here.

After I posted it, I was surprised about how little information there is about it and how few comments were made about it.  As a result, I became inspired to see if I could find any more information on it and, hopefully, glean more about what happened at it.

My search turned up the links below most of which are all from the old usenet group alt.music.yes.

The official photos linked above confirm that Geoff Downes and Peter Banks played together and Steve Howe played something as well.  Unfortunately, I have not been able to find any video or audio recordings from these performances.

If anyone else has any memories, photographs, videos, audio recordings, or anything else to share about Yestival 1998, please leave a comment to this post!

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