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Yes Songs and Albums: What All Have You Heard?

[Updated on August 6, 2018]

This post is part of my Yes series of posts which you can see here.

This will probably be one of the nerdiest and obsessive-compulsive posts I will make here.  I thought it would be fun to see how many songs and from which albums I have had the opportunity to see live over the course of my many Yes concerts.  So, I have made a list by album, song, and concert.  In parenthesis after the album names is the number of songs I have seen from that particular album.

In future posts I will tally up the number of times I have seen each song played and the various lineups I have seen.  For now, I wanted to see how many albums I have seen live.

If you have seen Yes please comment to this post and share what you have experienced of them live!


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11 thoughts on “Yes Songs and Albums: What All Have You Heard?

  1. Seriously envious!


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