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I Spoke at the 10/1/14 Rydal-Meadowbrook Civic Association Meeting

As my readers know, I am a vocal opponent of red light cameras.  I have written articles on the subject (see here and here) and blogged on it (here and here and here and here and here) many times.

As of Wednesday October 1, 2014, Abington Township in Montgomery County Pennsylvania has instituted red light cameras at three of its intersections for (at least) a one-year trial basis.  I am fairly certain that Abington is the first Township (as opposed to a city) to install red light cameras in Pennsylvania.  You can read more about this here.  Abington claims the cameras are “revenue neutral” but I am suspicious of this as I have heard reports that Abington can apply for grants from the revenue generated, which suggests Abington has an interest in increasing the number of tickets which will increase the grant money available for which it can apply.

As a result of Abington’s installing red light cameras, I was invited to speak at the October 1, 2014 meeting of the Rydal-Meadowbrook Civic Association.   At this meeting, I expressed my opposition to the red light camera program and had opportunity to present the various legal, political, and policy problems present in the program as described in my various articles and blogs linked above.  I think the Association was receptive to my presentation and, it is my hope, they will throw their weight behind ending the red light program when the one-year term is up on October 1, 2015.

I gratefully thank the Association for affording me the opportunity to speak and its meeting and express my opposition to the red-light camera program.

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