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Traffic Cameras Abuses Come Into Focus on ABC News

As my readers know, I am a very vocal opponent of red light cameras in the Philadelphia area.  I have written articles on the subject (see here and here) and blogged on it (here and here and here and here) many times.

I am happy to say that ABC News is on the case against traffic cameras now; there was a feature on this subject on September 9, 2014 during ABC World News Tonight.  The ABC News story is contained in the video posted below.

The ABC News story deals mainly with speeding cameras, while I have only written on red light cameras.  Admittedly, I have not spent much time thinking about speeding cameras mainly because they have not yet been authorized in Pennsylvania to my knowledge, whereas the Philadelphia area has had a proliferation of red light cameras in recent years.

Per the news story below, evidently many of the same issues surrounding red light cameras also afflict speeding cameras: (1) the cameras are really a way for a municipality to line its coffers as opposed to advance traffic safety; (2) a lack of clarity on who is being photographed; (3) suspect camera accuracy; and, (4) putting average citizens on the defensive despite their not having broken the law.

Time and time and time again reports are issued which reveal that these cameras have been, on the whole, a terrible idea which have infringed on our basic American rights.  When will our legislators take appropriate action?  Likely only when the income stream from the cameras stops.

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