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Christian Legal Clinics of Philadelphia – 9/14 Update!

As most of you know I am a long time volunteer of the Christian Legal Clinics of Philadelphia and I have been sitting on its Board of Directors for over a year now.  In fact I was recently appointed to Secretary of its Executive Board (see here).  You can learn more about the Clinic here.

We are currently trying to expand into Kensington (a neighborhood in Philadelphia), Germantown, and other areas in order to expand our reach and help more people.

We help literally hundreds of people every year try and secure justice in the legal system.  We are always trying to improve our services, help more people, and be able to do more for the people we are already helping.

Of course, like any charity organization, in order to help others we need your help to do it.  Please come out to one of our Clinic locations to see what we are doing first hand; our Clinic locations are described here.   Also, we are always in need of money to fund our ministry.  If you feel led to donate, you can do so here.  If you cannot do these things, please pray for us and our ministry or donate your time as we always need help with administration, filing, counseling, chaplaincy, and other similar things in the everyday working of the Clinic.

Please note that we have our second annual autumn banquet coming on November 1, 2014 for which more details will be appearing on this blog as they become known to me!

Finally, the Clinic exists to help people secure justice in the American legal system here in the Philadelphia area.  More importantly, however, the Clinic exists for people to be the face of Jesus to those who need it and to help people, not just through their legal issues, but through their spiritual ones as well, which so often are closely related to their legal issues.  Help us heed Christ’s call to help “the least of these” by giving to our efforts.  Always remember that Jesus identified himself as among those called “least” as they, in the end, will be great.

Before I forget, please be sure to watch this great video as it is shows a few of the personal stories of the people the Clinic has helped.  Thanks and God bless.


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