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Yes Reviews and Stories

[Updated on October 27, 2016]

[Edit: All of my posts regarding Yes and its various shows, programs, lineups, set lists, and all sorts of other related things have been collected and the links to all of them have been posted here.]

As stated many times before in this blog, I am a huge fan of the band Yes and of progressive rock in general.  I have written on Yes, prog rock, and related topics before which you can see here.

On July 19, 2014 I am seeing Yes play the Tower Theater in Upper Darby (with Syd Arthur as the opener) and on July 22, 2014 the new album Heaven & Earth is being released.  So, needless to say, the next couple of weeks are very exciting for me as a Yes fan!

As this will be a very “Yes” month, I thought it would be fun to post some concert reviews I have done in the past, as well as my review of the new album and upcoming show, and perhaps a concert story or two over my years of seeing Yes.  For the next few months I will try and post on music once per week or so.

I have seen the following Yes shows:

I hope this will be fun as I have been able to unearth some of my old reviews and found some old photographs of Yes days past to post in this blog.  If you have any fun Yes or concert stories, please be sure to mention them in the comments section below!



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