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Unemployment Cheats Raked in $16.5 Billion Last Year

I was quoted in the The Fiscal Times September 22, 2011 article Unemployment Cheats Raked in $16.5 Billion Last Year.

If you do not feel like reading the article, the nuggets of wisdom I shared were these (quoted directly from the article):

“Lying to the government is much easier when a person’s only contact with the state agency is online or on the telephone, Cushing said.  ‘It’s much easier to file things in a fraudulent way because the gatekeeper is even more compromised online.”’


“State unemployment agencies assume what a claimant says is true unless an employer objects, said James Cushing, a Pennsylvania attorney specializing in unemployment compensation.  ‘It’s not unusual for two or three months to go by where a claimant receives payments for benefits, and then at a referee’s hearing it gets determined that they were never eligible to begin with,”’ Cushing said.


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