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Torah Law Training

Yesterday was my last class for the year where I get to learn Torah from a local Hasidic orthodox Jewish rabbi.  The classes are an hour and a half for six weeks.  The benefit of this class is that I get to do Bible study among a group of people who I would not otherwise do so with, namely Jewish people and a rabbi.  I also get 9 continuing legal education credits for a pretty cheap price, so that is a great benefit too to say the least.

I have written on this before after my last class which you can see here.

The class this time around was mainly on medical ethics on issues like autopsies, organ transplants, abortions, euthanasia, elective surgery, and the like.

I find these Bible studies really interesting because it forces me to approach the Bible from (a) perspective(s) that I do not naturally take or use, namely a legal and/or Jewish one(s).  As I have said before, I am fascinated by how the Jewish Community can, through their approach and/or background, take away something completely different from a given biblical passage than I can and/or would due to my own approach and/or background.  This really speaks to how wide and encompassing and powerful the inspired Word of God truly is, I think.  Also, it really helps a Christian, like myself, see first hand just how much the New Testament and/or Jesus and/or the teaching of the Church has served to change the course of Jewish history and how much they influence how a Christian views the Torah and other Jewish writings.  Finally, these classes allow me to be exposed to Jewish sages, Midrash, and the Talmud, things I would not normally have exposure to, as well as have them presented in digestible and understandable ways.  I would recommend any Christian to try one of these classes, it is well worth it!

Thank God for the Torah and thank God for what he accomplished through it and the people described within it!


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