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8/1 Clinic Day!

Today is my first Clinic day since the first Thursday in June 2013.  We took the first Thursday of July off as that was Independence Day.  You can learn more about the Christian Legal Clinics of Philadelphia here.

Despite the issues we discussed at the Board meeting this past Monday, and mentioned in this very blog a couple of days ago, when it comes down to it, the Clinic is an attorney, a client, and God meeting at a church facility to talk about a legal issue.  This is what the Clinic started out as and, no matter how much we build the Clinic up, this is what the essence of the Clinic will always be.  I am thankful I have the opportunity to go into neighborhoods which are less fortunate than my own and help people in real and substantial ways.

Today it appears we have 8 people on the schedule for issues ranging from custody to real estate to taxes.  I hope and pray that I, and the other attorney and paralegal volunteers who appear tonight, can not only adequately address these legal issues but also show them that there is something bigger and greater than the man’s law they came into discuss: God’s law and how it applies to them with infinite and eternal love.

Please pray that we can be effective in assisting our clients tonight, and that our clients are able to connect with Jesus in a real and profound way as we do so.



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