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5/20/13 Clinic Board Meeting

This past Monday was the Board of Directors meeting for the Christian Legal Clinics of Philadelphia.  Each time I go these meetings I always come away encouraged and amazed by the fact that this relatively small group of attorneys about 10 years ago has grown to where it is now with each meeting presenting more ways to grow and revealing more ways it has grown.

Now, I am excited to say, the Clinic is set to expand into the Kensington section of Philadelphia as well as Chester!  If we are successful in expanding to those locations that would make a total of six Clinics in the Philadelphia area!  There was talk that, if the Chester Clinic takes off, we could establish a separate Christian Legal Clinic in Delaware County and perhaps others as we hopefully, God willing, continue to expand.

Another thing to mention is that most, if not all, of our meetings involve someone sharing a story of how God works in their lives in amazing ways.  Judge Robert Matthews of Philadelphia Family Court is among the members of our Board.  He shared a story of when he was still in practice and his client was a woman who was 94 years of age.  It is not uncommon for estate planners to ask what sort of funeral arrangements someone wants, including whether s/he desires a religious ceremony.  This particular 94 year old lady said she did not want a religious ceremony.  Judge Matthews asked her if she were a member of a church; her answer was “no.”  He then asked “are you a member of a religion?”  She said “no.”  He then asked – and to this day he does not know why – “are you baptized?”  She said “no”.  The lady’s daughter, who was with her, was astonished to learn that her mother was not baptized, and she asked her mother “why not?”  She responded with “no one had asked me.”  Judge Matthews then asked her if she wanted to be and she said “yes”.  Judge Matthews then asked her whether she believed in the items in the Nicene Creed and whether she accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior.  She responded in the affirmative to each of these questions, after which Judge Matthews promptly went and got a cup of water from the bathroom and baptized her then and there in his office.  She passed four (4) days later.

How amazing and how simple!  I think this story should give the average Christian who says “how can I share the faith?” some inspiration.  Sometimes, as with this lady, all you need to do is take that very first step and ask.  The faith – and salvation – cannot be shared without someone asking that first question and many people out there are waiting for someone to reach out their hand and ask it.  I wonder how many people are out there who could be saved but have not embraced Christ simply because no one has ever asked him/her?  God forgive our negligence and give us grace to simply reach out when we have the opportunity, even if it is with a simple question.

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