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Green Lighting Red Light Cameras Unconstitutional in Ohio!

For those who have been following my writing for any length of time will know that I am very much opposed to the Pennsylvania laws allowing red light cameras which currently litter Philadelphia intersections.

If you want to check it out, my other pieces on this subject include:

Well it looks like Ohio has a similar law regarding these red light cameras which was appealed all the way to its Supreme Court and the Ohio Supreme Court had the good sense to strike down the Ohio Red Light Camera law and unconstitutional.  I found a recent article on this subject here.

Hopefully someone here in Pennsylvania will recognize that the red light cameras are just not bad public policy, and rather poorly disguised money making enterprise for the state, but also clearly unconstitutional as they turn the American axiom “innocent until proven guilty” on its head.

Now that Ohio has cleared the way for the red light camera law to be struck down, hopefully some driver in Pennsylvania “caught” by these camera will have the courage and wherewithal to take the Pennsylvania law to our own Supreme Court for review!

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16 thoughts on “Green Lighting Red Light Cameras Unconstitutional in Ohio!

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