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5/2/13 Clinic

Last night was yet another great night at the Clinic.  I had to miss last month’s Clinic due to the birth of my son Henry.  I am not sure if it is because of the weather or the work we’re doing or what but last night saw 4 attorneys/paralegals serving eight people!  Eight people in one session is a recent high and I hope we can continue serving so many, if not more, in the future.

We had a pretty neat case come last night too that I am helping with that I am rather interested to see how it all works out.  Basically a man died and his pension has a survivor benefit to pay out to his spouse.  Although he was marred in the sixties and never got divorced, he got “married” again in the 90’s (or so) to some other woman.  This other woman is now posing as his spouse to collect the pension.  I think the case is pretty clear that his “first” wife is clearly his only wife but I am interested to see what arguments wife number two presents to try and justify collecting the spousal survivor benefit to his pension.  This should prove to be rather intriguing!

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