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Jewish Law CLE

A couple of weeks ago I concluded a 6 week Continuing Legal Education (CLE) course in Jewish Law led by the Jewish Learning Institute (JLI).  This is the sixth CLE I have taken that is provided by JLI.  Each class regards a different area of Jewish Law and how it relates and compares to American law.

I really enjoy the classes because, from a practical point of view, the credits are pretty cheap so I do not have spend a lot of money for them.

From a spiritual point of view, I think the classes are really interesting and insightful.  I have the opportunity to study the Bible with Jewish people who have a completely different – and to me new – view and interpretation of the Bible.  Most, if not virtually all, of the presumptions and customs and conventions of Christian biblical interpretation – which is what I am accustomed to – are absent, which gives me a new perspective into my own faith and the Bible.  I feel that it enhances my faith and affords me a view and understanding of the Scriptures which many of my Christian coreligionists lack.  Indeed, as Jesus was Jewish, it seems obvious to explore their view of the Bible and theology to better understand Jesus and his teaching.

From a legal point these classes give me an interesting view and perspective of American law as I contrast the two and, at times, see where and how American law developed from Jewish Law.

I would highly recommend these classes to anyone interested in developing greater understanding of the Old Testament of the Bible and Jesus, but also for those who would like to know more about the development of the law.


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