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Happy Easter!!

We are now in the midst of Holy Week, the most holy time for Christians.  Beginning on Palm Sunday we work our way through Holy Week recounting Our Lord‘s last days and hours.  We come to Spy Wednesday, which commemorates when Judas betrayed Jesus into the hands of the authorities for a measly thirty pieces of silver.  We are now on Maundy Thursday, the day on which Jesus had his Last Supper and gives his new commandment to wash one another’s feet and, more importantly, establishes and institutes the Sacrament of the Breaking of the Bread, which we now call the Eucharist or Communion, where he gives us his saving body and blood to take into our soul.  At the end of the Maundy Thursday rite we strip the altar just as Our Lord as stripped.  Tomorrow, on Good Friday, we remember Jesus’s awful torture and crucifixion as we go into the Holy Triduum.  Of course, our sadness and grief on Good Friday turns to joy during the Great Easter Vigil which moves us into Easter when we learn the Good News that Jesus is no longer dead but alive and, therefore, has killed death.  All of this takes place over the Jewish Passover to establish Jesus as the true Passover lamb.  The lamb protected the Jews from death when its blood was put onto the door posts of their homes.  Jesus’ blood goes onto the doorposts of our souls to protect us from eternal death for all who ask him for it.  Thanks be to God!

This whole drama is played out for our benefit so that we can all be saved and spend eternity with God.  Jesus took our punishment for our sins upon himself so God’s justice could be satiated.  We can do nothing other than thank him and accept his gift of self so we can spend eternity with him.  This is the greatest event which will ever occur in human history and I am humbled it was done to save me.  Thanks be to God eternally!

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