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Christian Legal Clinics of Philadelphia – Justice IS Rolling!

The theme verse for the Christian Legal Clinics of Philadelphia is Amos 5:24: “But let justice roll like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream.”  I attended the Clinic’s Board meeting this past Monday and I have to say that justice, indeed, is rolling through and with the Clinic in the City of Philadelphia.

Attorneys are truly living out Christ’s injunction to help those in need and, I hope and pray, these attorneys are the face of Jesus to those they help so that the clients not just receive answers to their legal issues but also can grow closer to and/or embrace Jesus for their soul’s health as well.

A non-profit charitable organization is always in need of funding.  Obviously, organizations such as these do not exist to turn a profit and/or for the purpose of generating revenue, so finding and securing funding for the services it provides is an ever present need and concern.

I am happy to say that God has truly blessed the Clinic.  We set goals for finances, staff, attorneys, and clinics and they, by and large, were all met or exceeded.  It is pretty exciting as we set goals for 2013.  Can we keep it going?  Well maybe we could, but I would not be confident.  Can God keep it going through us?  Absolutely!  We really believe we are carrying out God’s injunction to pursue justice and serve the poor and, so far, God has truly blessed our efforts thus far.

I pray that we can continue fulfilling God’s injunctions to serve and advance justice and that he will continue to bless us and our efforts in the upcoming year.  I pray that we always ensure we are doing God’s will and not our own.  I pray that we can continue to reap a good harvest from the seeds we are laying in Philadelphia through our Clinic.

We are now helping dozens, perhaps literally hundreds, of people in the City and, by God’s grace, we are still growing!  I pray that God can provide the resources so we can continue our growth.   Indeed, we hope to open one or two more Clinics over 2013 which will enable us to bring the love of Christ to even more people through the practical means of legal counseling.

It is a wonderful thing using one’s own talents, skills, and training for the advancement of the Gospel as opposed to simply secular gain, no matter how noble or good.  If you are an attorney who is interested in the Clinic, please email me or click the link above to the Clinic and contact the Clinic.  If you are a non-attorney and are interested in the Clinic, we always have needs for administrative work, marketing, counseling, and other services.  Please contact us!

Thank you Lord for allowing us to serve you in this way; please continue to bless our efforts to bless you and our clients in order to enlarge you Kingdom.

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