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Doing Year End Giving? Try C.L.C.P.!

Hello everyone:

As many of you know, I was recently appointed to the Board of Directors of the Christian Legal Clinics of Philadelphia. The Clinic has four locations in what many would call the less fortunate sections of the City of Philadelphia (S. Phila., N. Phila., W. Phila. and Caroll Park), each of which holds two clinics per month.

At the clinics, various people from the neighborhood – who are among our least fortunate in the area – come to receive legal advice and/or assistance on a pro bono or very low fee basis from the volunteer attorneys who serve at the clinics. I am one of the attorneys who volunteers at the clinics; I serve at the West Philadelphia clinic. You can learn more about us here: http://www.clcphila.org/

Although we try and do as much volunteer work as possible, there are always costs and expenses to pay, especially as we try to expand our reach. Funding for all we do is always an issue. We need funding help with office administration, court fees and costs, supplies and materials, and the general operation of the clinic. One of our goals is to establish a stipend fund to help finance contract attorneys to take more cases for those we serve, and perhaps attract more attorneys to serve.

So, all this to say, if you have some extra dollars for some year-end giving, please remember the Christian Legal Clinics of Philadelphia. We are truly in the trenches serving the poor and meeting them were they are in genuine Christian spirit.

We are currently trying to meet a matching grant for our dollars raised before the end of the year and we currently have a $12,000 short fall, so any help you can provide would go a long way.

If you feel led to give, feel free to contact me or Ted Oswald (ted.oswald@clcphila.org) who is the assistant to our Executive Director.

Thanks a lot and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


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